Trailer Park: 'The Counselor'
Trailer Park: ‘The Counselor’

Sometimes if you put enough awesome in one place you’re pretty much guaranteed something great will happen. This is why I am high on “The Counselor” and its fantastic trailer.

It’s directed by Ridley Scott working with a screenplay written by Cormac McCarthy (translation: it’s gonna be bleak). Then look at this cast: Michael Fassbender, grubby Brad Pitt (always better than clean-cut Brad Pitt), Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Javier Bardem, a cheetah, and Javier Bardem’s hair.

This trailer is just great. It looks cool, you’ve got a moody song playing over it and a guy on a motorcycle gets beheaded. And again, what can I say about Bardem’s hair? Between this and his ‘do in “No Country For Old Men” I’m starting to wonder if we can get his hair nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

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