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Mathew DeKinder

Mathew DeKinder is the founder and editor-in-chief of Mat’s Entertainment. Mathew has been an entertainment writer for print and online media sources for nearly 15 years. He was born and raised in Oklahoma and is a graduate of Oklahoma State University (go Pokes!). Mathew has been based in St. Louis since 2004 and is a member of the St. Louis Film Critics Association. He is also author of the book “Wait Till Next Year: A Die-Hard Fan’s Year Without Sports

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‘The Fabelmans’ make movie magic

Steven Spielberg was the reason I learned that there was a person called a director behind every movie. After cranking out films like “Jaws,” “E.T.” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark” that loomed like giants over my childhood, I understood that directors were the creative engines that made a movie

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