Trailer Park: 'World War Z'
Trailer Park: ‘World War Z’

The zombie apocalypse novel “World War Z” written by Max Brooks (son of Mel!) is different from your typical end-of-the-world literature.

While most of your fictional apocalypses, be they at the hands of zombies, plagues, or damn, dirty apes, tend to focus on a small desperate band of survivors “World War Z” takes a more global view of the scourge of reanimated corpses.

While it has its share of moments that are creepy, terrifying, and downright unsettling, it is more a novel about zombie policy and the administrative steps taken by world governments to protect their citizens.

If “The Walking Dead” is the libertarian view of the zombie apocalypse, then “World War Z” is the socialist version.

I say all this because it’s not really a novel that clearly translates to film; a fact, along with an avalanche of production problems that have made me a little wary of the big-screen version of “World War Z.”

Now that we have our first extended look at the movie starring Brad Pitt I have to say I’m still a little worried about the plot structure, but the visuals are cool as hell.

It’s clear they are going the disaster-movie route instead of pure horror as keeping a wide-angled approach will keep the movie in the highly profitable, PG-13 range. So even though it looks like you could easily swap out the zombies for a tidal wave and have another “Deep Impact” or “2012” I’m still cautiously on board.

Also, judging by the last part of the trailer, I’m pretty sure this movie will not be shown on a lot of transcontinental flights.

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