Trailer Park: 'Oblivion'
Trailer Park: ‘Oblivion’

We seem to be averaging about one decent sci-fi flick a year and “Oblivion” looks to be the early favorite to be the entry for 2013.

I can see some similarities to “The Matrix” lurking behind the “reality is not as it seems” subtext here, but more than anything it just looks really cool.

I’m pretty middle of the road when it comes to Tom Cruise. I’ve really liked him in some movies (“A Few Good Men,” “Minority Report,” “Tropic Thunder”) and hated him in others (“Vanilla Sky,” “Knight and Day”) so as far as I’m concerned he is neutral here.

What I am excited about is a subterranean, cigar-smoking Morgan Freeman. That alone ups this movie’s chances tenfold. Smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em!

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