'That tiger sure looks hungry' edition of: New on DVD
‘That tiger sure looks hungry’ edition of: New on DVD

While the big, beautiful 3-D visuals that won Director Ang Lee an Oscar won’t be nearly as impressive on your home entertainment system, “Life of Pi” still packs quite an emotional wallop regardless of the screen size. This fable about religion, survival, and the human spirit was one of the best movies of last year, plus it stars a tiger. Who doesn’t like tigers?

Also this week, a really average movie about a really great director.

“Life of Pi”
The story of a young Indian man (Suraj Sharma) stranded on a lifeboat at sea with his only companion being a really hungry Bengal tiger sounds like the setup for a really bad joke. What it is instead is a surprisingly challenging parable about faith and love. It’s also one of the most visually stunning movies ever made. This is one that is not to be missed.

So you would think a movie about Alfred Hitchcock struggling to create one of his most iconic films would make for a good movie. You would also think that with Anthony Hopkins playing Hitchcock and Helen Mirren playing his wife Alma would make the movie that much better. Unfortunately “Hitchcock” never shakes that “made-for-TV” vibe and in spite of a great cast and interesting premise, never really comes together.

Director’s ambition undercuts biopic of Hitchcock
Director’s ambition undercuts biopic of Hitchcock

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