A 'Tom Hanks ain't afraid of no makeup chair' edition of: New on DVD
A ‘Tom Hanks ain’t afraid of no makeup chair’ edition of: New on DVD

“Cloud Atlas”

Some movies are tailor-made for DVD. “Cloud Atlas” is a big, bold, hot mess of a film that you might kick yourself for driving to the theater and paying $12 dollars to see. But for a buck or two in the comfort of your own home, you’ll probably be willing to cut this ambitious flick a little slack. This movie tries really hard and has a few fleeting moments of brilliance before collapsing under its own weight. It features three directors, six separate storylines, and a whole lot of bad makeup; and at the very least, for better or worse, you’ll likely never see another movie like it. If only the same could be said about the next “Fasterest & Furiouserest” to roll off the assembly line.

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