I admire the pluck and determination it took to make the super-low budget monster movie “Mind Leech.” That said, the finished product is barely a movie and in spite of all the admiration, this is way closer to something you would see on “Mystery Science Theater 3000” or at a student film fest on a college campus than at any cineplex. And keep in mind, they show “Cocaine Bear” at the cineplex.

The plot, such as it is, is set in a small Canadian town in the winter. A giant leech leaps out of an ice fishing hole, attaches itself to a host and then makes that host do its evil, murderous bidding.

A couple of local cops, Sheriff Pailey (Mischa O’Hoski) and Deputy Johnson (Steff Ivory Conover, the only acting bright spot in this whole affair) chase after the leech and its host on a path of carnage.

This is all very silly stuff, and the movie is at least self-aware enough to know what it is. And I do have to admit that it was amusing watching Paul Krysinski play Craig, the leech’s primary host, as he lurches and gurgles around with a three-foot rubber leech attached to the side of his head. It reminded me a lot of Vincent D’Onofrio’s performance in “Men in Black” as an alien inhabiting the skin of a human.

Writer/director Chris Cheeseman is clearly inspirited by the schlocky creature-features of the 60s and 70s. But the charm of movies from crap-masters like Roger Corman is that they were cranked out quickly with tiny budgets to meet the demand of drive-ins and Saturday matinees who wanted to keep teenagers buying tickets.

I don’t believe there’s much of a demand for “Mind Leech” to be found anywhere in this streaming age, aside of the amusement of the creators, as the bar for cinematic entertainment has gotten a tiny bit higher.

“Mind Leech” is not rated but features intense violence, gore and language.

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